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A little about Dana Levitt Personal Concierge Services...


Fortunately for you, I know the Bay Area like the back of my hand. I also tend to be highly resourceful. Coincidentally, I happen to embody a handful of useful qualities such as being trustworthy, reliable, creative, responsible, flexible and more. It seemed like a good idea to put these skills to work.


Benefit from my experience and expertise!




Company History


I spent a decade in the corporate world in various marketing roles. But upon getting laid off at the end of 2000, I decided it was an opportune time to relax and enjoy life for a bit, and I never looked back. In 2004, I started a jewelry company (, which I owned and operated, part time for about 15 years. And in 2009, I decided it was time to add to my professional repertoire. It seemed friends were constantly calling me for recommendations, for nearly anything. Surprisingly, I was usually able to help out, so I figured there must be a way to transfer and utilize my skills, flexible schedule to create something else, and my company was born...

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