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Reviews, testimonials and client email comments

I strive to make my clients' lives easier and more managable!

Yelp reviews:


For my husband's  70th birthday I wished to have his favorite cake from SF Stella bakery shipped to Florida-perishable and delicate. I found Dana  on the internet, was convinced by the stellar reviews, contacted her 2 days ago, and the cake is flying as we speak!!!
I trusted her the moment we got on the phone: she is straightforward, very professional, kind and timely-I really couldn't have asked for better help!  If I could, I would give her 6 stars!

- IZ

Dana was truly amazing in helping me empty my SF apartment, with the complicating factor that I was leaving town 2 weeks prior to the lease running out, so she and I did much of the work remotely. It was a small job and I wasn't even sure she would consider it, but she took the job and was great. She helped me get rid of the remaining furniture, small appliances, and other furnishings.  Very communicative, forthcoming, straightforward, and effective. Everything was taken care of and the invoice provided all the details of all transactions. If you need a personal concierge, you should hire Dana!

- SS

Trust me, Dana Levitt is San Francisco's most trusted personal concierge service! She is professional, timely, trustworthy AND kind. Within 24 hours, she was able to complete a somewhat complex task with ease and efficiency. I live on the east coast and was in need of some last minute holiday shopping for a west coast (SF) client. She was even able to save me a few bucks. I'm very appreciative of her services and would recommend her to anyone in need of quality assistance.

- DG

Dana made a difficult task, finding and delivering a small room fan to a relative in need of some cooling during a rare SF heat wave.  Every big box store I called (from New Jersey) in SF was sold out of all fans, regardless how much they cost.  Within 2 hours of speaking with Dana, she had found a few types of fans that were available, we jointly selected the easier one for my relative to manage over the phone together and then Dana delivered that fan to a very welcoming person.  I am in awe of people like Dana who think and act powerfully competent with grace and efficiency.  Dana, as a resource, could open up many time-saving, worry-free possibilities for me and my family.

- GW

Dana rocks!!!!  I live out of town and she was able to help me find something I desperately wanted.  She truly goes ABOVE AND BEYOND to help her clients! Her communication is amazing and she went out of her way to find out information for me. I would highly recommend Dana's services. She is a true professional that really cares about her clients and providing great service. Don't hesitate to call Dana. You will not be disappointed!!!

- JP


Dana was a godsend to me recently when I had a very important shipment arrive to my apartment while I was out of town. She was wonderful about the logistics of gaining access to the building and arranging to receive this package for me. The items contained were perishable and most likely would have spoiled had she not been there to receive them. From her prompt reply to my call, through her ability to manage the situation all the way to the completion of the task, she was fantastic!

- AH


I have been lucky to meet and work with some of the best Personal Concierge professionals worldwide. However dealing with Dana was truly a magical experience. She is truly awesome with her work and possibly the most efficient and smart person I have dealt with in San Francisco. If you are looking for a Personal Concierge Services in San Francisco city, look no further. Before I forget to mention she was able to find me some "Diptyque Chevrefeuille" Candles which are impossible to find on this planet anymore!

- MP


We arrived at the furnished apartment we had rented for one month to find remnants of prior renters everywhere. Half used packages of pasta, open jars of sauces in the refrigerator, old packages of frozen odds and ends in the freezer.  I couldn't face bringing fresh food into the apartment.  Dana was a miracle worker! Within the time it took me to go grocery shopping she had organized the whole place, throwing out some things, recycling some and packing up some to store away for the next renter.  She was a true life saver.  Can't wait to find the next project to hand over to her .

- SL

As a real estate agent we are asked for, but simply can't handle, all aspects of a purchase, sale, home prep, or move. So we need resources, or resourceful people to rely on - and who we recommend reflects on us, so to be viewed as top flight, we must only recommend top flight. And that is why Dana's conceirge service gets 5 stars. She handled one of our toughest, most demanding (and sweetest) clients brilliantly. I still get thank you's from this particular client for referring Dana. Dana probably touched on every aspect of her service for this one person - from helping her organize her home office, pack and organize for her move, hire the moving company, unpack and organize furniture on the other end, and the list goes on. Dana is also very affordable so you owe it to yourself to give her a call if you need the "gift of time".
- RR


We just moved and Dana was a total rock star helping out. She is trustworthy, efficient, organized and really helpful. I wouldnt have been able to do it without her.

Don't be deterred by the small # of reviews you CANNOT go wrong with dana. This is coming from a serial startup guy who has had numerous assistants.
- BM

My business partner and I asked Dana to help our client pack up and move into her new home, while we prepared the other for sale. Dana was great and made the transition as seamless and easy as possible. We will continue to refer her again and again.
- CP

Dana is an excellent concierge. She has found wonderful helpers for me, handimen etc. She also did a wonderful job in organizing my move and arranging furniture and figuring out where to hang and then hanging pictures in my new home. Her personal shopping skills are also excellent, she has found food and all sorts of items, containers etc. that i didn't even know existed, not to speak of being a genious at figuring out lighting issues for my new place. i recommend her without reservation.
- DS






















From client emails (specifics have been excluded to protect clients' privacy):

We so appreciate you Dana! ...We could not have done this without you. You really know what you are doing!!

- JD

Thank you for all your hard work!

- RM

Thanks so much for being very diligent and conscientious, Dana! I appreciate you and your work.
- BL

I appreciate your approach and professionalism, Dana!
- AS

Dana thank you for such an immense amount of work in such short time! wow.
- VT

Dana, you're amazing!
- VT

I spoke to my friend, and he told me that he already received the bottle of sparkling wine. Thanks for taking care of that so quickly.
- JK

Thanks for the detailed update…Everything turned out great….Thanks for everything, and great job!
- JK

What would I do without you?
- SS


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